Creativity and critical thinking
is what defines me


I believe that big changes start with small steps. I firmly believe that monumental transformations are born from humble beginnings. It is the small steps we take that have the power to ignite a rapid sprint towards progress, fueled by seizing the perfect moment, favorable circumstances, and promising opportunities. This is the very essence of how significant changes come to fruition. In the realm of marketing, the word “Yush” resonates deeply, as it signifies the urgency to act now, without delay. It serves as the inaugural stride in the marathon towards remarkable improvements.

Since 2008, I have been professionally implementing projects that change brands, since 2020 in a freelance model.

My current focus is on building marketing strategies and plans. I use knowledge, 15 years of experience and intuition. I understand both – the corporate world and the requirements and needs of small and medium companies. My marketing brings profitable sales, recognition and loyalty to my partners.

I provide full marketing outsourcing in a convenient subscription model.

Let’s look for non-obvious solutions for your brand… rationally and logically.

Magda Janaczek

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