My scope of work

I create strategic plans that boost sales and create demand

I create strategic framework for business level-ups
You get an action plan for the next year that will set out the activities
I help in out-of-the-box thinking
realistically, in line with customers needs.
I take hands-on approach
and use well-structured strategic framework
in all my projects.
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How will we work?


We meet twice online or for a day at your company’s headquarters.


We set ICP profile (ideal customer profile) and make customers segmentation (buyer personas).

We create Unique Selling Proposition / Value Proposition (or redefine).

How long it takes? Max. 8 h


We look at what worked and what didn’t and why?


Data from past campaigns, website is a great source of information about your customers.

How long it takes? 2 days on avarage.

Strategy / Plan

Ready-to-be-implemented recommendation for future activations. 


To act consistently and coherently. You receive a 12 month activation plan. You know what to do to achieve your goals.  

How long it takes? 5 days on avarage.

What you get?

Strategic plan /


  1. Precise value proposition and ICP (ideal customer profile)
  2. Evergreen campaign recommendation (learn more about evergreen campaigns TUTAJ)
  3. 12-month marketing plan. The first month’s activities are laid out in detail.
To implement smoothly 
with your team, 
or freelancers.

Final document is one-time investment of $2.000 net.

How you benefit from it:

You will stop wasting time and money on chaotic activities.

You’ll get continuity and integrity in your activations and  campaigns.

You’ll get what’s most useful and what will work to integrate all the channels and messages.

You are still not sure? Check!

A business strategy, or brand strategy, is a long-term plan. It includes mission, visions, business goals. A marketing plan has a shorter timeframe, but is specific, grounded in current goals and sets tasks to be accomplished. The activation marketing I do is all about results and achieving them effectively. If you want to know what to do here and now, how to get started, and develop a strategy in addition to conducting regular activities, then my offer is for you! You get a 12-month action plan from me that focuses on achieving your goals for the next year. It will be based on the current value proposition of your business. If you already have a strategy, the plan will certainly be consistent with it. With a plan, you know when and what to do on autopilot. You can delegate the implementation to your agency or employee.

If you have an employee who does not yet have experience, having the steps to follow written out, he will be able to act independently. By the way, he will gain experience on his own. If you work with a local agency, you like the cooperation and the proposed rates – that’s great! Now you will outsource all the work on autopilot! And all marketing will be consistent.

You gain a comprehensive, integrated, clear solution to your situation that takes you from point A to point B. With a tailored plan, you go from stagnation to real action. Yes, I know there are many tools and ways of doing marketing around. Only that without experience and knowledge of the technicalities you aim blindly and waste time. Or you start peeping at the competition and copying others, losing authenticity. I spent more than 12 years of my professional life in corporations, and another 4 running my own business. During that time, I ran numerous campaigns, created branding, and launched products. I know which marketing solutions work and which are just an inflated marketing bubble. I practice activation marketing, because the goal of any marketing should be an effect.

Having a strategic plan is a first step. Remember to secure additional budget for your marketing activation. My clients are spending from $20.000 yearly on marketing.