Evergreen campaigns in marketing or how to boil an egg

Evergreen marketing campaigns are inherently timeless activities aimed at a wide audience. They are based on content that never gets old (“evergreen”). Its purpose is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. The most commonly used tools in evergreen campaigns are success stories (case studies), e-books, webinar recordings, and instructional videos.

Advantages of evergreen campaigns in marketing

Evergreen campaigns in marketing have many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Brand awarness building.
  • Lower costs. Evergreen campaigns are usually less expensive than product-based or promotion-based campaigns. They don’t require constant updates and content changes.
  • Lead generation. Interesting evergreen content attracts prospects’ attention.
  • Value Proposition exposure. Such campaigns often use Value Proposition elements in communication. This gives the client a better understanding of the scope of our activities.
  • Combine elements of strategic and tactical activities. Because they contain elements of the Value Proposition, they work strategically, but also tactically. They can be turned on and off at any time.

Evergreen campaigns doesn’t have an expiration date  and always sustain your audience  

Neil Pattel

When preparing an evergreen campaign, take a look at the value proposition of your business. If you haven’t written down your value proposition yet, take a look at my “How to Prepare a Value Proposition ” Guide (Download the Polish version for free HERE). A written down value proposition contains information about both what your customers need and how your product or service can help them. You can do this directly, such as by listing the benefits your brand offers, or indirectly, such as by telling stories about how your brand has helped customers achieve their goals. You can also communicate your mission and values.

Cons of evergreen campaings

Evergreen campaigns in B2B have a few disadvantages. Among them:

  • They are a part of the communication process. Evergreen campaigns ought to be profitable and curiously to your group of onlookers to viably capture their attention. At the same time, you would like reach and transformation information to profile and position such a campaign well. In such a circumstance, both A/B testing and gathering of people gather testing work well.
  • They are difficult to measure at early stage. We need each campaign to result in an increment in deals or an expanding number of leads. Evergreen campaigns require both action on a few channels at the same time and reiteration. At first, the impact is to extend brand mindfulness.
  • They require multichannel and coordinates settings. Evergreen messages ought to show up on numerous areas of contact between our clients and our company. That’s why it’s a great thought to incorporate exercises in different outreach channels within the budget.


At that point most probably you think they are not suitable to each business? Businesses with high products and services retention  may have a problem executing evergreen campaigns. Regularity, unused improvements require reach-type campaigns. Too, the return of investment will be lower in their case. 

How to boil en egg?

“How to boil a hard-boiled egg” is a good example of evergreen content, because it is a topic that is always relevant regardless of the season, month or day of the week. Choosing such a theme for your evergreen campaign is not easy. When preparing the scope of your campaign, therefore, you should consider:

  • Does the campaign address a topic/challenge that is not dependent on trends. The method of hard boiling eggs has not changed significantly in the last few hundred years, so this topic will continue to be relevant for many years to come.
  • It’s a topic of universal interest. Hard boiling eggs is a simple but useful skill that anyone can use.
  • It’s a topic that is easy to understand. The instructions on how to hard boil an egg are relatively simple and easy to follow.

Here you should do the exercises – fill in the business model canva and the value proposition canva for your business to prepare the proper value proposition. Both canva sheets can be found in the Guide “How to prepare a Value Proposition” (Download the Polish version for free HERE)

Distribution channels

Evergreen content should be distributed across a variety of channels to reach the widest possible audience. Why do we need multichannel content distribution?

  • To reach a wider audience. Not all audiences use the same marketing channels. Therefore,distributing your evergreen content across different channels allows you to reach people who might be interested in your content, but aren’t using the channels they were previously using.
  • To increase audience engagement. Viewers are more interested in the content they see in different locations.
  • To achieve better results. Of course, the choice of evergreen content distribution channel depends on your target group and campaign goals.


If you’re not sure which channel to choose, you can do some research to find out which channels your target audience is active on.


Many companies that sell in a B2B model have successfully implemented evergreen campaigns.

It’s well worth analyzing whether this type of content and campaign is right for your company.