scale your business level up your brand
...and hit new goals


You run a business that strike a glass ceiling?
You have ambitious goals and are ready for more?
You are ready for new ventures, but not sure what to do and how top hit them?

CONGRATS for your success!

YOU did it!

but it's time to move from point A to point B

Point A

 You test different tools 

Your budget is melting

You lack of practice

Strategic plan

Coherent and strategic plan for the next 12 months 

Point B


Integrated campaings

There are three ways to scal-up:

When you can premiumise, change or add target group or sell to big companies.

When you can increase demand, steel customers and sell more.

When you can sell more by creating bundles or packages.

Let's choose yours and implement coherent implementation plan,

without reinvestment,
without staffing,
without budget overruns,
without time wasting and spinning in circles.

Wanna more and need

End-to-end solution

described step-by-step

Precise and consistent actions

in well-structured campaigns prepared by specialist

Objective and unbiased analysis

and moving out of conventional set of activities

Acceleration of business goals deliveries

by using experience and knowledge from the practitioner

from a professional,
who helps level-up businesses, then let's meet


Magdalena Janaczek

Marketing strategist

About me:

  • Over 15 years of experience in marketing communication and business development;
  • Experience in building and implementing brand and business strategies (for corporations and small businesses as an agency);
  • Experience in marketing strategies management in Poland, Europe and the USA;
  • Enthusiast of minimalism and graphic simplification – less is more;
  • Ability to see the big picture and adjust new marketing initiatives to it

According to the Gallup test, I am a strategist and maximizer.

Kettlebell geek.



Facts behind:

1. Robust results. 

2. Hands-on approach
and solutions to boost sales.

3. I know that the solutions in the trend # right and information # knowledge – profit does not come from random actions but from process actions.

Harmonious growth is the sum of well-planned activities.
Therefore, let's set goals and make some buzz around your brand.

I grab this 9 years ago in the US...

Any change in marketing starts with value proposition validation, not with new leads generation. 

If you know what problems or customer needs you’re solving, you’re already part of the way there. But you still have to write down your value proposition and strategy for action. You can try to do this on your own or benefit from my knowledge and experience.


and it works!