Integrated marketing – what’s that?

Change is brought about marketing and it changes itself. But only good marketing works well and uses communication channels in a specyfic way. Marketing campaigns are part of a bigger plan that is meant to get a specyfic result. 

An integrated marketing campaign is a  set of activities that work together and pay off.  Even though people often think of it as an advertisement, it’s different and has a bigger reach.

What do integreted campaigns offer?

Technology is changing marketing. Integreted marketing campaigns are multi-channel tactics. Various marketing channels (online and offline) are combined in an integrated campaign. The brand message is consistently distributed accross multiple channels. Although the term “integrated marketing” is sometimes used interchangeably with “multi-channel marketing”, integrated marketing focuses on consistent messaging across platforms, while multi-channel marketing tends to target different segments using different marketing channels.

Integrated campaign can incorporate elements such as digital marketing, mailings, motivational programs or other tools. It is crucial to define additional three aspects: people (recipients), process (conversion and purchase process – user experience factors), physical evidence (evidence of a service or product experienced during purchase). Those campaigns are based on more dependent factors, unlike the typicall 4P approach (product, price, place, promotion). 

The implementation time (e.g. 6 months), expected sales effects (X%) and marketing budget are all determined by campaign goals. Most often, campaigns assume an increase in one of the following factors: increasing market share (i.e. taking over competitors’ customers), adding a new group of recipients or upsell (selling an additional, more expensive product to the brand’s current recipients). A detailed description of a target group is necessary.

People are experting something extra. The emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.

Nate Silver

4P versus UX

Marketing involves influencing people’s thoughts and behaviours. Marketing fullfills the requirements of customers by providing them with valuable products or services, but also by generation experiences. Adding three additional aspects to the classic marketing mix: people, process and physical evidence means permanent inclusion of UX (user experience) in marketing. The focus of this approach is not only on marketing, but also on it’s recipients. When designing a campaign you must consider the entire customer buyer’s journey – from initial contact to final transaction. The purchasing process is free of any shortcomings or gaps. Campaigns’ emotions and impressions should be reflected in the purchasing experience.  

Whilst integrated campain implementation, be sure to manage it with one provider to avoid services segmentation. if you are interrested in discussing your marketing needs, you can find my details in the Contact tab